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Wine Gift Guide



Wine is a truly thoughtful gift. Everyone is happy to receive a bottle! Especially when there is a special meaning to the wine given. You may wish to give a bottle from a winery you visited, a local favorite, or a highly acclaimed selection. As wine is a very personal gift, the recipient must be considered when you are choosing the wine. Sonoma-Cutrer’s Wine Gift Guide will help with your selection based on the recipient’s wine experience.

Just beginning to discover the world of wine and their palate. Introduce the Novice to Russian River Ranches Chardonnay, which is a signature example of how diverse soils and perfect growing conditions can create an exceptional Chardonnay. True to the Russian River Ranches style, the wine is focused with a bright acidity and balanced by a long palate structure. The novice will find this wine to be refreshing with crisp flavors of lemon, green apple, barrel spice and lime that dissolve to a light, creamy mid-palate before ending a long finish.


Enjoys evolving their palate with new flavors and pairings. Treat the Foodie in your life to Russian River Valley Pinot Noir – food’s favorite wine. This is a classic Russian River Pinot Noir that expresses aromas and flavors of dark fruit. The first impression starts in the nose with intense blackberry fruit aromas, cola and cassis jam followed by a touch of vanilla and tobacco accented with hints of baking spice and red licorice. The foodie will rejoice in this wine that is richly textured and balanced making it a beautiful complement for their favorite dishes.


Passionate student of all things wine, loves to share. Delight your Wine Geek with the gift of Les Pierres Chardonnay – a true reflection of its terroir. The Les Pierres Vineyard sits atop the gravelly clay loam of an ancient riverbed, thick with cobbled stones that infuse the grapes – and the wine – with a varied mineral essence. Sunny citrus flavors of grapefruit and lime are complemented with roasted nuts, spice, and mineral notes. The wine has a tightly focused mouthfeel with Sonoma-Cutrer’s signature bright citrus-laced acidity delivering a long, juicy lingering barrel spice finish.


Your go-to, knows everything master of wine. The Connoisseur may be difficult to impress, but the gift of the sophisticated Founders Reserve Pinot Noir will do just that! This exquisite wine is crafted each year from the six best barrels of Pinot Noir, which are chosen by our winemakers. The connoisseur will notice earthy accents and fragrant tobacco contrast the enticing aromas of blackberries, black cherry and dark chocolate. This full-bodied and richly textured wine is powerful yet approachable with flavors on the palate of allspice and bramble fruit, which you can taste throughout the lengthy finish of the wine.

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Lemon Olive Oil Cake with Summer Fruits


This delightful dessert recipe is easy and incredibly delicious.  We are serving this with strawberries and blueberries,  but use any combination of fruits that you prefer.

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Pan Roasted Halibut in Spicy Coconut Broth


This is a delicious dish that can be done with any fresh, meaty and sustainable fish. It uses a curry mixture called laksa, which has come to mean a spicy coconut milk based dish with or without noodles. It has its roots in Malaysia. In place of the spinach, you could use other Asian greens like steamed baby bok choy.

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Fregola with Wild Mushrooms


Fregola is basically a pasta that is made in the same manner as couscous with coarse ground semolina flour. Fregola is toasted, giving it a nutty, wheaty, roasted taste.  This dish captures complex, earthy flavors.

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Saigon Clams


A Southeast Asian version of traditional steamed clams.

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Quick Marinated Salmon


The bright citrus flavors of the vinaigrette complement the salmon beautifully. Serve as a starter course for something special.

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