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  • (707) 237-3489
  • 4401 Slusser Road
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Shipping Policy

All orders must be signed for by someone of legal drinking age, so it is recommended that a business address be used for the shipping address. Shipping opportunities vary by state. Direct shipping laws change quickly and we make every attempt to ship to as many states as legally possible.

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States We Can Ship To

We’re currently allowed to ship to all states marked in green, but we cannot ship to states marked gray. See below for additional details and limitations for each specific state.

We can't ship to you?

You can always give Sonoma-Cutrer wines as a gift to someone we can ship to. Or, you can use our Wine Locator to find Sonoma-Cutrer wines in a store near you.

Quantity Limitations

Due to direct shipping legislation, we are subject to any quantity limitations set forth by the states below:

shipping states map
  • Alabama Shipping unavailable.
  • Alaska No limitations.
  • Arizona No limitations.
  • Arkansas Shipping unavailable.
  • California No limitations.
  • Connecticut One (1) case per every 62 days per individual.
  • Colorado No limitations.
  • Delaware No limitations.
  • District of Columbia One (1) case per month.
  • Florida No limitations.
  • Georgia Twelve (12) cases per year per household.
  • Hawaii Six (6) cases per year per household.
  • Idaho Two (2) cases per shipment; cannot exceed 24 cases per year.
  • Illinois Twelve (12) cases per year.
  • Indiana Shipping unavailable.
  • Iowa Two (2) cases per month.
  • Kansas Twelve (12) cases per year per household.
  • Kentucky Ten (10) cases per individual per month.
  • Louisiana Shipping unavailable.
  • Maine Twelve (12) cases per year per household.
  • Maryland Eighteen (18) cases per year per household.
  • Massachusetts No limitations.
  • Michigan No limitations.
  • Minnesota Two (2) cases per year.
  • Mississippi Shipping unavailable.
  • Missouri Two (2) cases per month.
  • Montana Shipping unavailable.
  • Nebraska One (1) case per month.
  • Nevada Twelve (12) cases per year.
  • New Hampshire Twelve (12) cases per year per household.
  • New Jersey Shipping unavailable.
  • New Mexico Two (2) cases per month per person.
  • New York Thirty-six (36) cases per year.
  • North Carolina Two (2) cases per month.
  • North Dakota Three (3) cases per month.
  • Ohio Shipping unavailable.
  • Oklahoma 6 cases per person per year
  • Oregon Two (2) cases per month.
  • Pennsylvania No limitations.
  • Rhode Island Shipping unavailable.
  • South Dakota Twelve (12) cases per year per individual.
  • South Carolina 24 bottles per individual per calendar month.
  • Tennessee One (1) Case per month per individual.
  • Texas 9 gallons per month
  • Utah Shipping unavailable.
  • Vermont Twelve (12) cases per year.
  • Virginia Two (2) cases per month.
  • Washington No limitations.
  • West Virginia Two (2) cases per month.
  • Wisconsin Twelve (12) cases per year.
  • Wyoming Two (2) cases per year per household.

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