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The “Big Deal” Dinner

This menu is built to impress. It is an interesting combination of flavors to serve when the boss comes over or to celebrate any special occasion.

Scallops With Celery Root Salad

This dish makes a beautiful starter course. It’s key to use absolutely fresh “day boat” or dry pack scallops. The salad is one of my favorites and delicious on its own. Celery root can vary widely. Pick ones that are heavy for their size, which means there won’t be a hole in the center. Taste the celery root after cutting and if it seems tough or too strongly flavored then blanch it for a few seconds in salted boiling water followed by a dunk in ice water to retain its crunch. Sonoma-Cutrer Sonoma Coast Chardonnay would be perfect here.

Radicchio Soup With Smoked Goat Cheese

This is a very simple soup but brings together interesting contrasting flavors – – bitter from the radicchio and smoke from the cheese that I think are delicious and intriguing. I like to use smoked goat cheddar. This dish requires a chardonnay with great fruit, like the Sonoma-Cutrer Russian River Ranches.

Filet Mignon Wrapped In Newspaper With Sauce Bernaise

This is an old catering technique where beef can be cooked ahead and held perfectly. Delicious with Sonoma-Cutrer Pinot Noir.

Flourless Walnut Cake With Lemon Custard Sauce And Fresh Berries

This is a very simple recipe that depends entirely on the quality of the walnuts. If you suspect your walnuts have been in storage for a while, place them on a baking sheet in a preheated 375° oven and lightly bake for 3 to 4 minutes to “refresh” their flavor. You can also substitute any other nut you like for the walnuts. Enjoy Sonoma-Cutrer Late Harvest Chardonnay with this cake.

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