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Les Pierres 1.5L

2016 Chardonnay

Delight guests with a magnum centerpiece! Bright citrus aromas of lemon and lemon blossom shine through, highlighted by peach, caramel and oak spice with just a hint of cedar and Les Pierres’ classic minerality. The wine has a tightly focused mouthfeel with Sonoma-Cutrer’s signature bright and lively citrus-laced acidity.


Flavor Notes

Sunny citrus flavors of grapefruit and lime nicely integrate with the oak and are complemented with roasted nuts, spice, and mineral notes.

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5.9 gms/L




0.39 gms/L




Sonoma Coast


100% Chardonnay


100% Malolactic


100% oak aged for a total of 12 months. Five months in one-year-old oak sur-lies, topped and stirred each week. The Wine is blended in tank and returned to three-year-old oak for an addition 7 months.

The Making Of

The Les Pierres Vineyard sits atop the gravelly clay loam of an ancient riverbed, thick with cobbled stones that infuse the grapes – and the wine – with a varied mineral essence.

Virtual Swirl

Tasting wine begins well before the liquid ever touches your lips - it starts with a look, a swirl, and an intake of breath. The swirl serves to open your vintage and introduces oxygen which creates a bouquet of aromas and allows you to gauge viscosity and alcohol content. Our Les Pierres’ swirl showcases its beautiful straw coloring indicative of a well-crafted Chardonnay and highlights aromas of citrus, mineral notes, and spice that integrate nicely with grapefruit and lime.

Awards & Recognition

Gold, 92

2018 Harvest Challenge

Recipes & Pairings

How to Create the Perfect Pairing

Over the years, we have found our bright and lively Les Pierres Chardonnay pairs perfectly with salmon, mild curries, and vegetable terrine.

  • Salmon

  • Lamb

  • Curry (mild)

  • Prawns

  • Vegetable Terrine

Fettuccine with Smoked Salmon, Pancetta, and Asparagus

This pasta is easy to prepare, featuring smoked salmon and additional flavors from shallots, pancetta, dill, and capers. Serve with a glass of Russian River Ranches Chardonnay.

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Curried Shrimp With Crème Fraîche

This dish features crème fraîche to temper the spice of the Thai curry paste. The lush flavors of the Russian River Chardonnay will be delicious with this slightly spicy curry.

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Grilled Lamb Pork Chops with Pomegranate Molasses and White Beans

Pomegranate molasses is readily available in Middle Eastern grocery stores or online. Pomegranate molasses, also referred to as pomegranate syrup, is a tart-sweet reduction of pomegranate juice with the consistency of maple syrup. Used in the cuisines of the Middle East, India, Armenia, and Georgia, pomegranate molasses varies in taste, color, and viscosity by region.

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